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What Can You Do with Herbalism in WoW Shadowlands?

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Forum » Europa » What Can You Do with Herbalism in WoW Shadowlands?
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cytujWys豉ny: 2021-02-25 03:49:28 Temat postu: What Can You Do with Herbalism in WoW Shadowlands?
The herbs in Shadowlands are structured in a precise way that you need to understand before you set off to farm them. The first thing to get clear is that every zone has one specific herb to itself that you can’t find any other location. Rising Glory, for example, is the specific herb found in Bastion and it doesn’t appear anywhere else.

Next, the Death Blossom herb can be found in all four zones in Shadowlands, but not The Maw. However, Death Blossom changes its appearance from location to location. And the herb’s model in Bastion a light blue one; in Ardenweald it’s of a violet color and in Maldraxxus green. So don’t be confused by its appearance because it is one and the same material.
The Item Death Blossom Shown in All Versions in WoW Shadowlands, Needed for Making Gold with Herbalism
The 4 Different Appearance Models of Death Blossom Across Shadowlands

And lastly, the Nightshade herb can spawn anywhere in the world and you can farm it with every route.


Rising Glory – Gathered in Bastion.
Vigil’s Torch – Gathered in Ardenweald.
Widowbloom – Gathered in Revendreth.
Marrowroot – Gathered in Maldraxxus.
Death Blossom – Gathered in Bastion, Ardenweald, Revendreth, and Maldraxxus.
Nightshade – Gathered in Bastion, Ardenweald, Revendreth, Maldraxxus, and The Maw.

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Shadowlands WoW Herbalism Guide Materials Uses

Now, the Herbalism profession is best paired with either Alchemy or Inscription. That way, you can collect the required materials for yourself and not spend any gold while leveling up those professions. However, if you don’t want to do that, then your only option is to sell the Herbalism materials on the Auction House. That’s an extremely profitable strategy because the herbs are in such high demand that you’ll get your gold in just a few hours.

In that case, though, we strongly recommend you to take up either Mining or Skinning as a second gathering profession. This will give you optimal results because you’ll ultimately farm two professions at the same time. A lot of herbs are next to ores, and many ores and herbs are guarded by groups of beasts that you must slay in order to pick up the material. So needless to say, two gathering professions can an efficient gold farmer and thus double your profit.

If you’re interested, please visit our complete mining guide and our complete skinning guide. They will teach you how to make the most out of those professions either alone or by pairing them with Herbalism.

Let’s see what you can use the Herbalism materials for if you choose to level up Alchemy and Inscription too.

Rising Glory – Used for crafting powerful potions and elixirs like [Potion of Spectral Strength] or [Spectral Flask of Stamina].
Vigil’s Torch – Used for crafting powerful potions and elixirs like [Potion of Divine Awakening] or [Spectral Flask of Power]
Widowbloom – Used for crafting powerful potions and elixirs like [Potion of Spectral Agility] or [Potion of Empowered Exorcisms]
Marrowroot – Used for crafting powerful potions and elixirs like [Potion of Phantom Fire] or [Potion of Unhindered Passing]
Death Blossom – Used for crafting consumables like [Spiritual Mana Potion] and [Crafter’s Mark IV]
Nightshade – Used for crafting [Crafter’s Mark IV] and [Purified Leather]

WoW Herbalism Guide in Shadowlands – Locations and Routes
Bastion Route 1

The first route we recommend you to try out is long one around the bottom half of Bastion. You’ll generally want to take big cruises around Hero’s Rest along the line we’ve marked below. Note that you don’t have to follow it strictly, since a lot of spawns are scattered left and right.
The Bastion Herbalism Route 1 in Our Complete Guide on How to Make Gold in WoW Shadowlands with Herbalism
Bastion Herbalism Route 1
Bastion Route 2

This is a shorter version of the previous Herbalism route through Bastion. The idea here is to farm as much individual herbs as possible in the shortest amount of time. In Bastion, you’ll find the highest number of herbs around Hero’s Rest, so it’s wise to check all paths available.
The Bastion Herbalism Route 2 in Our Complete Guide on How to Make Gold in WoW Shadowlands with Herbalism
Bastion Herbalism Route 2
Ardenweald Route 1

The first route we’ve tried in Ardenweald is this one. This whole zone can be a profitable Herbalism run but we’ve narrowed it down to the most optimal path that you can follow from beginning to end. You’ll primarily gather Vigil’s Torch, along with Death Blossom and Nightshade.
The Ardenweald Herbalism Route 1 in Our Complete Guide on How to Make Gold in WoW Shadowlands with Herbalism
Ardenweald Herbalism Route 1
Ardenweald Route 2

And here we’ve marked the highest-profitable Herbalism spots in Ardenweald. If there isn’t too much competition and you’re on a low-pop server, you can continually farm these locations without a problem. Herbs spawn all the time and you can gather them pretty easily.
The Ardenweald Herbalism Route 2 in Our Complete Guide on How to Make Gold in WoW Shadowlands with Herbalism
Ardenweald Herbalism Route 2
Revendreth Route 1

In Revendreth, you can farm the biggest number of Widowbloom along its center. This marked line will take you through the thickest spawn locations. Just keep your eyes open for herbs spawning left and right, since they won’t always be laid in front of you.
Our Revendreth Herbalism Route 1
Revendreth Herbalism Route 1
Revendreth Route 2

And here we have a shorter run that focuses on the southern part of Revendreth. Because Castle Nathria takes such a big part of this zone, many herbs and ores are constantly spawning here. And you’ll want to check this bottom half on a regular basis because most people are focused on Castle Nathria.
Our Revendreth Herbalism Route 2
Revendreth Herbalism Route 2
Maldraxxus Route 1

In Maldraxxus, you’ll find the most amount of Marrowroot, Death Blossom, and Nightshade around Theater of Pain. The route we’ve marked here is a profitable one, but know that you should make excursions since every corner of this zone can hide numerous spawns.
Our Maldraxxus Herbalism Route 1
Maldraxxus Herbalism Route 1
Maldraxxus Route 2

And here is another version that shows you how to take optional paths in the Maldraxxus Herbalism route. Our last advice here is to focus on the northern half of the map and avoid the southern one. Houses of Plagues for example is swamped in ooze, so there won’t be too many herbs spawning there.
Our Maldraxxus Herbalism Route 2
Maldraxxus Herbalism Route 2


If you choose to follow our complete WoW Herbalism guide on how to make gold in WoW Shadowlands with Herbalism as your primary profession, you can end up making a lot of gold. Our best advice for you is to pair Herbalism with another gathering profession. Being a double gatherer in WoW is extremely profitable, and if you enjoy doing it, you will flood the Auction House with your materials and make a great income.

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