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Guide to Choosing a Class and a Race for Gold-making with Alchemy in WoW Shadowlands

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Forum » Afryka » Guide to Choosing a Class and a Race for Gold-making with Alchemy in WoW Shadowlands
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cytujWys豉ny: 2021-02-25 03:45:21 Temat postu: Guide to Choosing a Class and a Race for Gold-making with Alchemy in WoW Shadowlands
To start making gold with Alchemy, you first need to learn the profession. So head over to Oribos and find the Alchemy trainer Elixirist Au’pyr. This NPC is located in the Hall of Shapes, in the second part, counting from the left. The exact coordinates are 39.2, 40.4 and you can find him next to the Herbalism trainer, amidst magical flasks and potions.

Elixirist Au’pyr will teach you [Shadowlands Alchemy] and will let you start crafting the Alchemy recipes right away. But before you do that, you’ll also need to check the Alchemy supplies vendor, called Distributor Au’naci. This NPC stands next to the Alchemy trainer, so there is no way of missing it.

Among other things, Distributor Au’naci can sell you [Rune Etched Vial]. This will be the main vial you’ll be using for creating flasks and potions in Shadowlands. So we recommend buying a stack or two right away as well.

Now, we have an extensive guide on how to farm herbs with Herbalism efficiently in Shadowlands, so we recommend checking it out. And for that, you’ll want a class that is generally very mobile or packed with multiple movement speed buffs. Our personal choice for outdoor farming is a Druid since the [Travel Form] in the Guardian Specialization really makes a difference. However, if you do not wish to farm the herbs yourself, then prepare to invest your gold at the AH.

The herbs in Shadowlands are divided into zone-specific herbs and general herbs. This means that some could be farmed only in one zone, while another in all zones available. Needless to say, almost all will be needed for the Alchemy recipes we’ll be targeting.


Rising Glory – Gathered in Bastion.
Vigil’s Torch – Gathered in Ardenweald.
Widowbloom – Gathered in Revendreth.
Marrowroot – Gathered in Maldraxxus.
Death Blossom – Gathered in Bastion, Ardenweald, Revendreth, and Maldraxxus.
Nightshade – Gathered in Bastion, Ardenweald, Revendreth, Maldraxxus, and The Maw.

Vendor Reagents:

Rune Etched Vial – purchased from the Alchemy Supplies vendor in Oribos.
Distilled Death Extract – purchased from the Alchemy Supplies vendor in Oribos.
One more thing that’s new to Alchemy in Shadowlands is the addition of Extracts. With Extracts, you combine multiple herbs to create new transmute reagents. And these will be required in both Alchemy and other professions as well. Here are all the Extracts in Shadowlands!


Ground Death Blossom – Requires Death Blossom.
Ground Rising Glory – Requires Rising Glory.
Ground Marrowroot – Requires Marrowroot.
Ground Nightshade – Requires Nightshade.
Ground Vigil’s Torch – Requires Vigil’s Touch.
Ground Widowbloom – Requires Widowbloom.

Leveling Up Shadowlands Alchemy

With this guide we want to provide you a clear path on how to level up Alchemy in WoW Shadowlands. This way you can save up on additional expenses and use your materials on useful items. Leveling up from 1 to 175 in Alchemy can be kind of slow, so here are approximate numbers for you to know how many of each material you’re going to need.

Rune Etched Vial = 140

Death Blossom = 330

Rising Glory = 180

Marrowroot = 110

Vigil’s Torch = 100

Widowbloom = 70
1-175 Leveling Path

1-20: Create 8 x [Spiritual Healing Potion] with 16 x Death Blosom. Create 8 x [Spiritual Mana Potion] with 16 x Death Blossom. And Creater 8 x [Spiritual Rejuvantion Potion] with the other two.
20-30: Create 12 x [Ground Death Blossom] with 26 x Death Blossom.
30-45: Create 15 x [Potion of the Hidden Spirit] with 30 x Death Blossom and 45 Rising Glory.
45-55: Create 10 x [Ground Marrowroot] with 20 x Marrowroot.
55-60: Create 5 x [Potion of Soul Purity] with 10 x Death Blossom and 15 x Vigil’s Torch.
60-80: Create 28 x [Potion of Specter Swiftness] with 56 x Death Blossom and 84 x Marrowroot.
80-97: Create 22 x [Ground Vigil’s Torch] with 44 x Vigil’s Torch.
97-100: Create 3 x [Potion of the Psychopomp’s Speed] with 9 x Rising Glory and 9 x Vigil’s Torch.
100-100: Create 10 x [Potion of Hardened Shadows] with 30 x Rising Glory and 30 x Vigil’s Torch.
110-120: Create 14 x [Ground Widowbloom] with 28 x Widowbloom.
120-125: Create 7 x [Potion of Sacrificial Anima] with 42 x Widowbloom.
125-157: Create 38 x [Crafter’s Mark I] with 190 x Death Blossom, 38 x Rune Etched Vial, and 114 x Distilled Death Extract
157-170: Create 17 x [Potion of Spectral Intellect] with 85 x Marrowroot.
170-175: Complete the Alchemy World Quests.

Shadowlands Alchemy World Quests

An excellent source of Alchemy skill points can be the profession-specific World Quests. This occur randomly in one of the four zones in the Shadowalnds at a time, so make sure to keep an eye on them. They’re usually very simple and reward you with +1 skill in Alchemy, as well as some herbs like Death Blossom. Keep in mind that you can repeat this quests whenever they spawn.

Alchemy: Flask of Measured Discipline – in Bastion.
Alchemy: Draught of Grotesque Strength – in Maldraxxus.
Alchemy: Potion of Hibernal Rest – in Ardenweald.
Alchemy: Elixir of Humility – in Revendreth.

Which Recipes to Target for Making Gold in Shadowlands?

Trying to make gold with Enchanting? Check our Enchanting guide!

As mentioned earlier, in Shdowlands we categorize the Alchemy recipes primarily into three groups: flasks, potions, and oils. In this guide here we will list examples of which recipes to target for maximising your gold-making with alchemy in WoW Shadowlands.


Spectral Flask of Power – 650 gold a piece on average.
Spectral Flask of Stamina – 250 gold a piece on average.


Potion of Deathly Fixation – 200 gold a piece on average.
Potion of Empowered Exorcisms – 350 gold a piece on average.
Potion of Phantom Fire – 200 gold a piece on average.
Potion of Spectral Agility – 200 gold a piece on average.
Potion of Spectral Intellect – 220 gold a piece on average.
Potion of Spectral Stamina – 80 gold a piece on average.
Potion of Spectral Strength – 200 gold a piece on average.


Embalmer’s Oil – 100 gold a piece on average.
Shadowcore Oil – 100 gold a piece on average.

Additional Recipes and Transmogs

If you’re a type of person that isn’t dedicated solely on gold-making in WoW, then Alchemy can be a source of a few interesting rewards for you.

First off, we have the [Eternal Cauldron] recipe. This is unlocked at 175 Alchemy in Shadowlands and it allows the user to set a cauldron of potions for every group or raid member. It requires 8 x Spectral Flask of Power and 2 x Shadestone, but it’s well worth the trade.

Basically, it gives everyone a flask that increases their primary stat. But, everyone can grab up to flasks maximum (one used and one in inventory). This should be an essential component to every raid, so if your character has already a leveled-up Alchemy, know that you can be of a huge help to your guild.

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