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How to choose a mirror.

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Forum » Europa » How to choose a mirror.
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cytujWys豉ny: 2020-09-18 14:44:06 Temat postu: How to choose a mirror.
How to choose a mirror.
The thicker, the better. Cheap and thin mirrors may have an uneven surface, and the image in such a mirror-the wrong proportions. We recommend looking at mirrors with a glass thickness of 4 to 6 mm: the larger, the better and more expensive the mirror. Good mirrors are made of sheet silicate glass of three higher grades (M1-mirror improved, M2-mirror, M3-window polished). Smoothness is a good sign. It is important to check the mirrors for scratches, spots, dots, and bumps. Especially should alert the air bubbles frozen in the mirror surface. However, any seemingly insignificant flaw is a sign of poor quality.
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Look behind the mirror. Moisture resistance and reflective properties depend on the quality of the protective coating on the back side. Good mirrors consist of a glass cloth and three layers of coating. The first one is reflective (made of silver, as we found out). The second is protective (a film against corrosion, usually made of copper, and in the new generation of eco — friendly high-quality mirrors-from neutral metals). The third is also protective (two or three layers of paint in cheaper versions and a polymer coating in more expensive ones), which protects against mechanical damage and moisture.
Silver is the best option. Today, the most common coating is silver microfilm with a thickness of 0.15-0.30 microns. The cheaper option is aluminum, it is less resistant, and its reflection coefficient is worse (maximum 0.77 against 0.85-0.87 for silver mirrors). However, aluminum mirrors are no longer produced. So, if you are not planning to buy an antique mirror (previously, gold or bronze was added to the amalgam, so you should look at mirrors in antique salons: they radiate a soft glow, refresh and rejuvenate), then the only option is a mirror with a silver coating.
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