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I don't understand what happened

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cytujWys豉ny: 2020-06-29 03:44:55 Temat postu: I don't understand what happened
This is what I thought as well but nobody has access to my PC if I am AFK, and it's locked. Same with my phone. Nobody in my OSRS gold house utilizes computers except for me. I really don't let anybody use my PC and I have passwords for all my accounts. I am a web dev, therefore I keep everything locked up that is why I too was confused as hell. I also was playing with myself solo. So no friends could have completed it. I basically took a break for a month or 2 while I do the last bit of finals for faculty. When I tried to log in again my accounts had been banned for botting.

Confused I contacted support and they gave me my account backagain. However 2FA was disabled and upon logging into my account and items had been drained and my character was utilized for mining Materials. I checked both emails I use to find out if they were breached. But I'd on still turned 2FA for all those and they were alright. No access from places either. I was advised there was an old way simply by going via Jagex support people could use to hack accounts upon asking the OSRS sub. But it baffles me how that could have occurred? Again unless they have some of their worst security.

Around that time I had learned some jagex employees were caught stealing from player accounts. But finally I don't understand what happened. I have since moved on from RuneScape game because I did not need the same point to replicate itself and that I didn't want to become emotionally invested for this to all get flushed down the drain afterwards. I'm still curious though. I can't develop any decisions although I've gone over how I could have been busted many times. I'm fairly confused by it.

Someone time ago they have some folks hacking and selling loot. Ok I believe you, only seems to defeat the whole propose. I lost my WoW account and needed to ship in multiple forms of ID to regain it. That's when I flipped 2fa on. Bad form if they let someone eliminate to the telephone. If you did not I would not blame you one bit. Lots of people do not. I only wish I knew what really happened because it is so bizarre. Like I could know if I'd downloaded some thing or a third party program from an unofficial source. Or like tried to acquire l33t hax or something dumb and gave off information lol.

I still will perish on the hill that RS3 (and OSRS by extension) is the king of MMO's because of the sheer amount of things to do. Even getting to max level abilities is what many would consider the"start of the endgame", ala getting to maximum in WoW. And getting there is the personal journey of it. The quantity of things to do, the quantity of intertwining skills (strength helps smithing that you need for slayer so that you may get components to buy RuneScape gold for invention that you need for divination so it's possible to train archeology quicker, etc), and also the sheer breadth of material is unrivaled in any game.
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