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weak homework. Le

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cytujWys豉ny: 2019-11-06 02:26:38 Temat postu: weak homework. Le
nge, he must learn to correct himself with a red pen. Focus on doing things and have plans. 4. Do the wrong question bank, copy the puzzles and often do the wrong questions, and do it again and again until you can do it. For review. 5. On the weekends, we must sort out the homework and check for missing. Make up the weak lessons. 6. Before the exam, review, determine the test objectives, go to a fair competition with a good attitude, and prepare for the usual. In the new semester, in the face of the new environment, we must have new plans, new life, and new looks. Let us work together to enjoy the happiness of school life while letting us explore the knowledge kingdom. Let us fight for our dreams. [The 2nd happy summer vacation has passed and new school life is coming. As if in the blink of an eye, I am already an eighth grade student. I entered a new environment, added a new course, and started a new starting point for my studies. In order to meet the eighth grade, in order to realize my dream of life, I have formulated a semester plan from the following aspects Marlboro Gold. First, know yourself. The biggest enemy of man is himself. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses, not arrogant, and not arrogant. Have a clear understanding of the problems that are felt in learning life. Down-to-earth, in the process is to find problems, summed up in time, in order to facilitate the war. Keep an optimistic attitude and believe that as long as you work hard, you will move forward step by step. Second, adjust the state, come out from the relaxed summer life mokingusacigarettes.com, tighten the nerves, and quickly enter the learning state. Stupid birds fly first. Enjoy the process of learning. Proactive learning. Third, integrate into the class. Actively participate in group activities and harmonious learning atmosphere. Not only do you have a good person in your class, but you also make your own meager dedication to create a good class. I know that the class is the big environment for me to learn and grow. Everyone even makes a modest contribution to the class, and the positive energy in the class will be edified to me. Fourth, you must prepare your homework before class. Have a preliminary understanding of the knowledge to be learned. Know the hard points. When you are in class, you should concentrate on listening, keep up with the teacher's pace, listen to the main, supplement the notes Carton Of Cigarettes, think positively, and dare to answer questions. Do not gossip, do not open the gap. Strict self-discipline. 5. After class, you should review in time. Knowledge does not think, summarizes, and often forgets. I understand it in class, but I also need to learn new things, consolidate what I have learned, and add my own thoughts. Living, rather than sticking to the knowledge in the textbook, will not be rigidly adhered to the teacher's explanation, knowledge will become your own, will be integrated. Sixth, to open source, to cut costs. Knowledge is not a glimpse of the moment, the key is to accumulate in peacetime, to read more books, to do more questions, to think more, to ask more, to see more useful TV. Use a variety of ways to learn such as the Internet, not doing meaningless, unrelated or ineffective in learning growth. Sleep early and get up late, use more than three minutes of leisure time, and be conscious and planned to use. Seven, develop a good study and living habits. Improve learning efficiency. Take notes, do wrong question banks, and constantly organize and strengthen knowledge. Combine knowledge from point to line and then from thick to thin to thick. The homework should be completed independently. If the teacher does not change, he must learn to do it with a red pen. Be good at finding problems and take the initiative to solve them. Eight, you must learn to walk with ten legs. Focus on the long-term development in all aspects. It is also difficult or difficult to add new physics. Physics is a homework that pays more attention to observation and practice. At the beginning, it pays a little attention. You can have strong homework, but don't have obvious weak homework. Learn to adapt to the teacher. Don't like to choose a subject because you like it. The eighth grade is a new stage in my life. I will face it with an optimistic and positive attitude. Going to fight for the wonderful things that belong to me
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