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three years later th

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cytujWys豉ny: 2019-09-07 08:37:21 Temat postu: three years later th
Everyone who meets in the life path of more than ten years, I have a mentality of trying. Because of this mentality, I didn��t know how to insist on what I��ve done, let alone pursue it. Yes, I��ve always had a hard time in the past few years Marlboro Gold, but I��ve always felt that I��m missing. I like something that I like beautiful, so I chose to use photography to record the beauty in my eyes. In 2009, my elementary school began to follow a reporter to study photography. It was not at all comfortable to learn that I didn��t know what I��m going to do. It was still small at the time, and I didn��t know what to call for, but I��m just rushing forward. So I studied photography for two years and won the prize. I also naively thought that I could continue this way, but since I was in junior high school, I gave up photography Cheap Cigarettes, because busy study made me have to use it wholeheartedly. Later, I also felt that this reason was too lame. The pursuit of the same thing should be unimpeded, and my 2014 senior high school entrance exam ended with unsatisfactory results, but it did not make me give up my life. In the few days that I lost, I began to plan my life in this process. I have to go back to the photography class. After three years, I saw my photography teacher again. He saw me surprised and excited and did not forget to scold me for not looking for him for so many years. In the chat, he and I talked about a girl who was studying with me. I was very impressed with her, because every time she was always lower than me, she would show embarrassment every time. When I was young, I would laugh at her and I didn��t know how to do it. The teacher said that she would not be late for class anyway for so many years, and she continued to study photography after studying hard and tired. She doesn't care what game is the first, she always wants to see you, and wants to come out! The teacher laughed while talking, but I was uneasy. I always laughed at her and she didn't have the skills Wholesale Cigarettes. In the end, I found that I was too busy to give up photography. Thinking of these minds, I suddenly decided that I would continue to learn photography as a photographer. Even if my grandfather evaluates this profession as a career that is not promising, I am still prepared to stick to it. Maybe my self-esteem is in my heart, maybe my blood is stimulatedBut no matter what, 17-year-old I regained that pursuit, the pursuit that I abandoned for three years. I left it for three years, but I hope that the future will not be afraid of how I can take this pursuit to complete this life. Maybe I will be stunned before, but I will tell you three years later that I want to be a photographer. This is a hobby, and it is my pursuit of life.
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