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e a trace of regret and expecta

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cytujWys豉ny: 2019-09-07 08:37:09 Temat postu: e a trace of regret and expecta
A tall man, a dark body, a sly smile, you said, you are our ou are also a standard beauty man; the four-faced national face, towering The nose bridge, a pair of big and small but squinting with the eyes that smile, and the two eyebrows on the eyes, plus the unique temperament of the soldiers brought by the soldiers, how can not match the word handsome But you listened to the girl's praise, but there was no big reaction, just smiled: "No, I am long.....General." Humbling. Hearing our smile Cigarettes Online, you are also embarrassed to laugh, squatting in the back of your head, Zhang mouth wants to say something, but for a long time only to say: "I was very strict when training." Hey? Instructor, how can you be so cute? Our meeting is starting in silence, but it ends through laughter. You have left a cute image in our hearts.
(The same is you, the same is us, but it is a change of background; the wall has turned into a tall building, the ceiling has turned into a blue sky, the floor has been sunken into a concrete floor, yes, we are training, and there are two points Very important is: First, the sun is very sinister and the temperature is very high. Second, our staying instructor has not deceived us. He is really strict when training. His strictness is to change the style of the day before, not to laugh, to open eyes, It adds a bit of majesty. "Slightly"! Hey, I said XXX can't you move faster? Lizheng, the XXX, I said, how can you keep up with the rhythm of others? At this time, the instructor is meticulously fulfilling The responsibility of doing everything is hot, we are carrying a sun in various military movements, and he is guiding and correcting it, and every time I tirelessly demonstrate it until we all say that we understand it. In this big sun, we are most afraid of standing in the military position, often one stop is half an hour or even an hour, standing in this big sun, the body is in a state of full line stretch, sweat always Drilled out in all corners of the body, rolling down by gravity, the hand couldn't stand it, secretly licking a sweat, but he happened to be stared by his sharp eyes, and then heard you coldly spit out a few words: "XXX Moved, all five minutes, everyone can kill him after disbanding?" I was anxious, said: "The instructor does not bring such hatred!" You smiled and said gracefully: "Add ten minutes." The classmates looked at me with disgust, and I could only close my mouth Online Cigarettes. I have already painted countless circles in my heart to curse you, but you still continue to patrol and catch a person who wants to move Cheap Cigarettes. Inadvertently, I I found that you are sweating too, drenching your green military uniform. When you train in the queue, you tear the hoarse voice and shout the slogan loudly. When someone makes a mistake, you also correct it aloud and carefully guide. I want my classmates to learn the meeting on the training field earlier, let me know you again. In your reprimand, in your password, in the sound of your slogan, I seem to see another You, a serious Perseverance, we are familiar with the meticulous work of your duties, or because our actions are getting more and more perfect, the rest time will be more, and you will gradually chat with us. The smile still hangs on your face. So the bold classmates began to ask: "How long have you been instructed by the instructor?" The instructor squatted, and you replied: "I haven��t been good since I was a child. After I was in high school, I decided to study hard. I did it. I finally took a good university for me, but my parents were laid off. I can only do some small business. I am willing to let them bear me. High tuition fees, so I just caught up with the conscription. I saw that it was good to eat, drink, and live as a soldier. So I was enlisted in the first year, hehe!" His look immediately hurt, patted the classmate who asked: "You are an experimental class." Good school, good experimental class! If that year..." I thought about what he didn't say, as if it was diarrhea, and yelled: "Get up training!"is is my first time to see your melancholy. It is because of your studies yesterday. Do you still have a trace of regret and expectation in your heart? I don��t know if you are depressed again. Some students have asked you about it. Have you ever talked about it? In love, at this time you still smiled and replied: "Talked.
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