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Gilmour: Oh of course! Cmon!?…… But I use a ten

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cytujWys豉ny: 2019-09-07 04:40:58 Temat postu: Gilmour: Oh of course! Cmon!?…… But I use a ten
DB: Do you have a favourite Doug Gilmour memory?Clark: Not really one in particular, its more of an ongoing memory of two and a half years playing together and what he brought to the teamDB: Favourite Wendel Clark memory?Gilmour: Theres so many. Im not sure if hell bring this one up, but it was the 87 Canada Cup. He got let go, he was a rookie going into his second year. He sat beside Hawerchuk, Kirk Muller and I during the exhibition part of it. And somebody signed on his pants, "Best wishes Wendel!" signed Claude Lemieux. (smiles, points to himself and laughs).(Buffalo Sabres Nation)DB: How long did it take after the Kings series to no longer be mad at this face?Clark: Actually it was more fans than players. I mean, that was game 6, everyone talks about the call and were moving on to the rest of the game and the next game. Were not as aware as the fans who are more in tune because they wouldve seen all the replays over and over and over where we were in the moment so it wasnt as big a moment for us guys as it is the fans.Gilmour: Well, I didnt see it that way. How the rules were at the time, if he didnt see it, which he didnt, the linesman had to call it and they wouldve given Gretzky 5 minutes and the game. And that wasnt going to happen in the old Forum, it wouldve been a riot. Unfortunately, the linesman should have helped him out and said he saw it and at least give him a 2 minute penalty.DB: Does that happen for a lot of moments from your career Wendel, people always ask you about them, but its not the same for you?Clark: Pretty much all the moments! Were in the middle of doing it, where fans get to watch it and get redone over and over and over.(Vintageleafs.blogspot.com)DB: Bill Berg, never seemed to do anything to agitate anyone during the game, but by the end of the game there were always multiple guys trying to rip his head off. What was this guy doing behind the scenes to piss the other team off so much?Clark: Well he was doing it on purpose Ill you that much (laughs). But Bergy was part of our checking line with him and Ozzy and Peter Zezel. And they were in the face of the other teams best players. They were antagonists and the best part about that line was how good they were defensively and how much they got under the skin of the other teams best players. And they all had some skill that they could be dangerous offensively and get some chances.Gilmour: Bill Berg! One of the best lines that Pat Burns ever said about him, "I wouldnt know him if I ran over him with my truck." (Laughs) Well, there were 2 guys on that line, Mark Osbourne was kind of the same, Mark was, um, dirty. And Billy was in your face all the time, hed be chirping at you from behind. Hed really get under the skin of all the playersDB: Which actor would best play Doug Gilmour in a movie?Clark: Oh I dont know, I dont know enough actors (laughs).DB: Would it be John Stamos?Clark: (Laughs) Nah, I think hes tougher than that.DB:Which actor would best play Wendel Clark in a movie?Gilmour: It would have to be a western so, maybe Kurt Russel or something.DB: We said John Stamos for you. Gilmour: (Laughs) Better than Peewee Herman.DB: The Leafs went paintballing recently for some team bonding, did you guys do team bonding events back when you played or is this a new thing?Clark: No these bonding events have been going on forever. The only bad part now is the media wants to be a part of it.Gilmour: Well, obviously there wasnt a lot of paintball at the time, but yeah we did a lot of different bonding things. And one we did up in Orangeville was a lot of fun, one year in training camp. A lot of us would go out to the Legion and everyone has to buy a round, so everyone enjoyed those moments. DB: Who would piss off Pat Burns more?Clark: Probably me, as far as I made more mistakes (laughs). So, Burnsy was probably pissed off at me more times.Gilmour: Probably me, just because of practical jokes.DB: What was a classic practical joke you liked to do on the rookies?Gilmour: There were so many different things back in the day. In those days we used wooden sticks, so I was always cutting somebodys stick, so when theyd take a slapshot theyd go face first. Id put little pieces of tape on the buttom of their skates so when they go on the ice, theyd go down. Nailing shoes to the bench, so after the game theyd try to grab there shoes, theyd be stuck to the bench. One time in Montreal I filled up one of those composite sticks with water before a game. I showed it to the owner, George Gillett, and said "Look at these sticks, theyre heavy, and not only that theyre warped, take a look at it! So, he lifts the stick upside down to see if the stick is warped and all the water poured out onto him. And Im just about to go on for a game and hes got about 10 clients there with him. He just laughed, it was awesome.DB: Who was better with the ladies?Clark: Oh well Dougie had better hair than I did.Gilmour: Wendel.DB: Who was more likely to be seen out on the town the night before a game?Clark: None of us, we were always in by curfew (winks and smiles).Gilmour: Wendel.DB: Game 7 against the Blues. Did you rifle the shot off CuJos mask on purpose?Clark: Nooo, that was just a crooked shot. The score I think was already 5 or 6 nothing. DB: Have you ever talked to CuJo about that?Clark: No, like I said the fans talk and discuss more, where the players dont do as much of that.DB: The time you shattered the penalty box in Montreal. What was going through your head? Were you trying to contain your smile?Gilmour: This was our last game, we were going to get beat at that point in time. I think it was 5-2 or 6-2 and not a lot of time left, so I put my head down because I knew I wasnt getting out of there. So, I tried to play it like what just happened? But you see, I didnt really slam it that hard it was just a freak accident and obviously because of it I got another 10 minutes. But what made it worse is that I had to go sit in the other penalty box while they were cleaning the glass out (laughs).DB: Wendel, Youre here discussing the results of a recent Canadian Tire and Scotiabank survey that shows community hockey is more beloved than ever and why families should get involved in our nations favourite sport. Growing up, who was someone from your hockey community that really helped you become the player you went on to become?Clark: I think all the players that we watched ahead of us and our parents and coaches. And all the veterans that you play with and thats how you learn.DB: I believe youre still a coach in your community as well, is there a message that you always try to deliver to young players about playing the game and making it at the top level?Clark: Our biggest message is playing the game for fun. Make sure youre having fun out there because at a kids level youre not playing for work, youre doing it for fun. And if the kid is fortunate enough to have enough skill theyll gradually move to the next levels and become players. But in the big picture, most players arent going to make it, so fun is the thing that the players can get out of it. And thats the great thing with Scotiabank and Canadian Tire is being apart of the team stuff, being involved in hockey, what they get to learn from the game. The togetherness, the teamwork, the hard work, how they interact, its really our culture. You have winter 12 months of the year in some parts of Canada so the game is as part of our lives more so now than it ever has been.DB: Doug, Shoeless Joes Hometeam advantage program, Im going to give you three looks that you need to rank first to third as to which outfit project youd refresh.Gilmour: Already know what one is gonna be. Is it that Calgary picture that they made me put that scarf on? Yup, knew it. That was a nice look.Gilmour: More me was the leather jacket and jeans. DB: And last place goes to scarf?Gilmour: Ya think? (laughs)DB: Can you still go BarDown?Clark: Hopefully with the sticks and the technology I can still get the puck off the ice.Gilmour: Oh of course! Cmon!?…… But I use a tennis ball now (laughs).(I sat down with Wendel Clark and Doug Gilmour separately for these interviews)Dougieball is Doug Gilmours Annual Celebrity Fundraiser and takes place on Wednesday October 15 at The Ballroom! It raises funds and prevention awareness for Diabetes that is a disease all too close to him, with his father passing away 2 years ago from Diabetes complications and his mother and brother also are living with Type 2.It is a big gala party with live bands, food and drink and a silent auction all for charity, there are also teams, each with a celebrity player that have raised funds and will compete in a bowling tournament at the beginning of night.There are a lot of great guys supporting Dougieball including Wendel Clark, Eric Lindros, and more.Tickets now on Sale at DougGilmour93.com Wendel is discussing the results of a recent Canadian Tire and Scotiabank survey that shows community hockey is more beloved than ever and why families should get involved in our nations favourite sport. Greg Olsen Panthers Jersey . on the 15-day disabled Monday list because of a strained right hamstring. Donte Jackson Youth Jersey . After deputy commissioner Bill Daly said the league would consider pulling out of Sochi if something "significant" happens before players arrive, those set to participate are trying not to worry about that scenario. http://www.shoppanthersonline.us/panthers-brian-burns-blue-jersey/ . At times during a solid but not spectacular season, they looked all three. Still the defending AFC champions persevered, riding their top-ranked defence and key contributions from younger players to a 12-4 record and their eighth playoff appearance since 2000, remarkable consistency in a league where change is the only constant. Jordan Scarlett Jersey . PAUL, Minn. Cam Newton Panthers Jersey . Those cheers seemed more special this time because the captains run on Broadway could soon be over. The adoration surely sounded much nicer to Callahan than all the recent trade talk.Arlington, TX (SportsNetwork.com) - Mark Sanchez threw a touchdown pass and ran for another score as the Philadelphia Eagles seized sole possession of first place in the NFC East with a 33-10 win over the Dallas Cowboys. Sanchez had 217 yards on 20-of-29 passing, and LeSean McCoy posted 159 yards and a touchdown on 25 carries for the Eagles (9-3), who raced out to a 14-0 first-quarter lead and never looked back on their way to improving to 6-0 on Thanksgiving. The only thing preventing the score from being even more lopsided was Philadelphias inefficiency in the red zone. The Eagles scored a touchdown only once and settled for four Cody Parkey field goals in five trips, but it didnt come back to haunt them because of a strong defensive effort. The Eagles ended Tony Romos consecutive games streak with a touchdown pass at 38 and held league rushing leader DeMarco Murray to under 100 yards. Romo completed 18-of-29 passes for 199 yards and threw two interceptions as Dallas (8-4) dropped its third straight home game. Murray failed to reach the century mark for only the second time in 2014. He finished with a season-low 73 yards on 20 carries against the Eagles. The teams will meet again at Philadelphia on Dec. 14. The Eagles started quickly as back-to-back runs of 13 yards by Darren Sproles and 36 yards by McCoy placed the ball at Dallas 22. Sanchez capped the games opening drive by scoring on an option keeper from the 2. After a Dallas punt, Sanchez picked apart the Cowboys secondary, completing 5- of-6 passes on an 88-yard drive that ended with a 27-yard touchdoown grab by rookie wide receiver Jordan Matthews.dddddddddddd The Cowboys responded as Dez Bryants 38-yard catch along the right sideline set up Murrays 1-yard touchdown run on the first play of the second quarter. Philadelphia got another big play the next time on offense. Sanchez found an uncovered Jeremy Maclin, who cut across the field to the Dallas 20 on a 58- yard catch-and-run. Sanchez had fumbled on the previous play, but offensive lineman Andrew Gardner alertly pounced on the ball. Parkey nailed a 31-yard field goal to put the Eagles up 17-7 with 12:10 left in the first half. Parkey added two more field goals inside the final two minutes to put Philadelphia up 23-7 at halftime. The rookie made a 22-yarder and then hit a 26-yarder following a fumble by Dallas wideout Cole Beasley. McCoy fumbled on the Eagles first drive of the second half, leading to a 28-yard Dan Bailey field goal, but he atoned for the turnover with a 38-yard touchdown run later in the third quarter. Parkey made a 25-yarder in the fourth quarter. Game Notes The Eagles won the only previous meeting between the teams on Thanksgiving by a 27-0 score on Nov. 23, 1989 ... The Cowboys fell to 29-17-1 all-time on the holiday ... Maclin had 108 yards on eight receptions and posted his first career 1,000-yard receiving season ... McCoy eclipsed 1,000 yards rushing for the fourth time in five seasons ... Bryant caught four passes for 73 yards ... The Eagles converted 8-of-15 third downs and outgained the Cowboys by a 464-267 margin. ' ' '
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