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l Marquez a few months after the Bradley bou

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cytujWys豉ny: 2019-08-26 04:31:47 Temat postu: l Marquez a few months after the Bradley bou
Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at cmonref@tsn.ca. Hi Kerry, Always a pleasure; really enjoy your column. Keep up the good work. In the Bruins/Panthers game Tuesday with less than 10 seconds to play, Tim Thomas - clearly frustrated - took a swipe at Soderberg with his stick. He was assessed a two-minute minor for high sticking. I am curious as to why this was not a match penalty and perhaps even a suspendable action. It seems to me had a skater done a similar action, as blatant as it was, it would be deemed as such. I believe this would fall under Rule 60.4, but am not certain. Can you please comment on this play and explain what the ref/linesman saw (or failed to see), to deem it a mere minor high sticking penalty? Thank you (I was trying to work the word qualm in there somewhere, since I know you like it so much)! Dear Anonymous Friend: I have no qualms in telling you that Tim Thomas deserved a match penalty under Rule 60.4 for the one-handed tomahawk swing with his heavy goalie stick paddle to the neck of Bruins forward Carl Soderberg. Regardless of the score or time in the game, or whether the blow was in retaliation for Thomas being contacted on the shoulder by Soderbergs stick inside the blue paint, a match penalty was warranted based solely on the degree of force and especially the location of the blow with the goal stick to the neck of Soderberg. While no apparent injury resulted to Soderberg this was a very dangerous play that should be addressed by the Player Safety Committee. At the very least, a substantial fine should be levied to Tim Thomas even if that Committee does not deem the stick swing to be worthy of a suspension. It is acknowledged in the rules that a goalkeepers unique equipment is not only designed to provide protection and to stop the puck but that when used in an altercation can do considerable damage to an opponent. For that reason, Rule 51.3 provides that a match penalty must be assessed if, in the judgment of the referee, a goalkeeper uses his blocking glove to punch an opponent in the head or face in an attempt to deliberately injure an opponent. The manner in which Tim Thomas used his heavy goalie stick last night falls well within the spirit and intent of the match penalty rule. The reason the referee most likely assessed only a minor penalty on this stick swing was based on his obstructed view from behind the goal line against the end boards. I continually state this not the best location to view plays in and around the goal crease; as a matter of fact it is often the worst position for a referee to stand! I want you to look at the replay clip again; only this time through the eyes of the referee that made the call from behind the goal line. Tim Thomas swing was very quick and accelerated in real-time but most importantly, the ref, from his position, was looking directly through Brian Campbells back as Thomas stick made contact with Soderberg. Campbell then wrestled Soderberg to the ice so both players were now directly in the referees sight line. There was also a minor log jam of players out in front of the net (especially Tom Gilbert and Chris Kelly) that could have prevented the linesmen and the other referee from seeing the full force of Tim Thomas stick blow to Soderbergs neck. As quickly as it can happen, the full effect of a play can be missed or greatly diminished without the best sightline. I have no qualms admitting it, friend! Andrew Ladd Islanders Jersey . The judge sternly instructed the prosecutor to restrain himself and he apologized -- then went right back to trying to pick holes in the testimony of the double-amputee runner. It was a harsh day of cross-examination for Pistorius, challenged relentlessly about his account of the moments just before he killed Reeva Steenkamp, as well as circumstances related to several firearms charges against him, including the firing of a gun in a crowded restaurant. John Tavares Jersey . -- Alex Anthopoulos spoke volumes with what he didnt say on right-hander Ervin Santana. http://www.islanderssale.com/authentic-ryan-pulock-islanders-jersey/ .The Canadian teenage golf sensation announced Thursday shell join the LPGA Tour in 2015 instead of attending the University of Florida. Anders Lee Jersey . Goldeyes third baseman Ryan Pineda drove in three runs and the pitching staff didnt allow an earned run, as Winnipeg downed Kansas City 6-3 in American Association exhibition action at CommunityAmerica Ballpark in Kansas. Thomas Greiss Jersey . The 21-year-old Canadian earned a spot in his third career ATP final on Saturday thanks to his first Top 10 victory of the new tennis season, a 6-4, 6-4 win over world no. 10 Nicolas Almagro of Spain.BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley intend to leave no doubt this time. Nearly two years after Bradley beat the Filipino congressman in a hotly disputed split decision, the welterweights both seemed uncommonly confident Tuesday as they began promotional work for their April 12 rematch. Thats because each man is still unshakably certain he won their first meeting. "I want to maintain my name at the top and prove I can still fight," Pacquiao said. "My career is not done yet." The June 2012 decision was savaged by fans, media and even Bob Arum, both fighters promoter. They all believed Pacquiaos power and combinations had beaten Bradleys elusiveness and tactical approach. Bradley (31-0, 12 KOs) still feels wronged by the reactions to the biggest win of his life, ranging from catcalls on the street to death threats in the mail. "With all the controversy, this fight is about redemption," Bradley said. "I want to redeem what I didnt get, which is the credit. Its important for me to make the win decisive in the peoples eyes this time. Ive already got a win. This is so I can walk down the street and nobody says, Hey, you didnt win that fight, man. That hurts me." Pacquiao (55-5-2, 38 KOs) and trainer Freddie Roach both believe Pacquiao won essentially every round in the first bout. But the Pacman still wants to prove hes back on top of his game by avenging the loss that snapped his 15-fight winning streak. "Im not angry anymore," Pacquiao said. "I was surprised by the decision, but Im the kind of person that I respect the decision of the judges." But did Pacquiao agree that Bradley gave him "a boxing lesson," in the infamous words of judge Duane Ford? "I think I gave hhim a boxing lesson, and the judges gave him that," Pacquiao said with a smile.dddddddddddd Pacquiao and Bradley will meet again for the WBO 147-pound title at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. Bradley is opening camp in his native Palm Springs area on Monday, while Pacquiao will train in the Philippines before moving back to Freddie Roachs Wild Card Gym in Hollywood in March. "To be honest, I wasnt as motivated when I was training for our first fight," Pacquiao said. "I guess I didnt take him seriously enough." The split decision was so reviled that the WBO hired five independent judges to re-score the bout on video, and all five favoured Pacquiao. The WBO didnt overturn the result, but asked for a rematch -- and after both fighters boosted their careers with victories last year, they were ready to do it again. Pacquiao was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez a few months after the Bradley bout, and he took nearly a year off before returning to dominate Brandon Rios in Macau. Bradley watched both fights, but wasnt impressed. "He still has all the skill sets," Bradley said. "I just feel like that killer instinct is gone." Bradley turned himself into one of boxings biggest names in 2013 with a sensational brawl against Ruslan Provodnikov and a classy decision win over Marquez. Bradley acknowledges being a bit star-struck before he got in the ring with Pacquiao, but he was surprised how easily he could handle the man who was on top of the sport at the time. Bradley feels he won the first fight, but believes he can win the rematch clearly enough for everybody to see. "I know what to expect this time," Bradley said. "Its like when you learn to ride a bike. The second time is easier." ' ' '
cytujWys豉ny: 2022-01-09 09:36:35 Temat postu: Odp. l Marquez a few months after the Bradley bou
long road of climbing and wading, I finally reached my destination—a hill overgrown with weeds. Feng parked the car at the foot of the mountain and took my hand to climb up the mountain. I did not resist his intimacy, because I believed in him and believed that he was definitely a gentleman. Passing through the layers of dense grass, the scenery in front of me made my eyes bright, and there was a sea of ??maple leaves everywhere, a sea of ??gold.

Together with the 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 autumn wind, golden maple leaves are blown, like golden butterflies dancing.

Feng has been silent all the time. He just looked into the distance quietly, as if he was thinking about something. In fact, he was quite handsome when he was serious. Sitting down like this is not the way, I tried to break the ink, tilted my head and asked him, "How did you find this place?" I was really curious that he found such a hidden place.

"I used to love to run up the mountain when I was unhappy, and I found this maple forest over time
cytujWys豉ny: 2024-03-12 07:03:53 Temat postu: Odp. l Marquez a few months after the Bradley bou
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