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moonlight of the water

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cytujWys豉ny: 2019-07-27 03:57:51 Temat postu: moonlight of the water
The night is clear, and the moon is full Online Cigarettes. The outline of the leaf in the plain white halo, left and right in the breeze, sang a small love song leisurely. In the night, the jasmine blossoms are fragrant and fragrant. The white petals are like a jade in the moonlight. They are reflected in the wind. She is silent and silent, and she is quiet and self-sustaining in the wind Marlboro Gold, quietly counting the time of the flower Cigarettes For Sale. . Sitting quietly by the window, the moonlight of the water falls into the window with a hint of jasmine. The breeze in the ear, the body is dyed with flowers, and the lightness of the fingertips is faint. The time becomes more and more ethereal, and there is a quiet mood, letting a leisurely thought grow with the gauze, the warmth of time and space. Meaning, slowly rising in my mind. The wind is full of fragrant flowers, and the time is mottled into memories in the years, and there are flowers and beautiful flowers and flowers. Once a look, a touch of smile, was memorally remembered in the lush years. I know that even if I love it, I may not be able to hold it in my arms. I just want to meet you in the most beautiful years. In my life, in the years to come, even in the wind and rain, my heart always has a flower in my heart, as if I saw a frame of old-fashioned face blooming in the wind, still so sweet and sweet. Four seasons of life, when the flowers bloom Carton Of Cigarettes, the fragrance comes. Spring is full of flowers, summer is green and green, and everything is harvested in autumn, and there is a red plum in the winter Marlboro Red. This season is fragrant, and life is warm and cold. Picking up the past, in this quiet night, put this incense in the memory of the cockroach, gently grind, slowly grab, and settle down on the canvas of life. When the wind and rain are coming, the picture of the depths of the flowers is deeply engraved in the bottom of my heart. I don��t have to polish it, I don��t have to dress it up, so that the warm feelings are soaked in a faint sigh, and I am old with a season of love and time. go with. And those who love and warm, but will never be buried in memory. Picking flowers like tea, invites the moon into poetry, and makes the past touch the softness of the heart. There is no distracting thought in the heart, such as a smoky smog between the fingers, lingering with a touch of Qinghuan, writing the warmth of the drip into the aroma of the petals, so that the words are also beautiful, open to the fragrance, open to the old, keep on The warmest of the world. Life is like a trip, tonight I live in the moonlight night, haunting the warmth of this wind, and opening the fragrance of a flower. The wind is not disturbed, the flowers are self-pity and self-pity, holding a cup of tea and fragrant, reading a book's word page is fragrant. At this moment, the wind enters the house, the moon is full of windows, the fragrance is in the heart, gently read, faint thoughts, in the red dust mites, remember the warmth, low-browed smile, let a heart is as clean as that.

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