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e and dance myself.

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cytujWys豉ny: 2019-07-27 03:57:35 Temat postu: e and dance myself.
A rare free time, it is rare to have such a leisurely mood at dusk, I went for a walk. For months, I have been busy. But I still don't know what I am busy with. I do almost the same thing every day. I almost eat the same meal when I say the same thing. I always feel that life is a bit monotonous and my mood is a bit lonely. Perhaps, it was too hurried to go so far that the bottom of my heart was faintly a heavy stone with a heavy stone. The dark days, although it was May, there was still a bit of cool chill to the Luding Bridge Square. . There are many foreign tourists taking photos at the cable bridge. With the moment the finger presses the phone or the camera, I know that one by one or a young or old or handsome or beautiful face has become an eternal photo. Some twilight years later, they may sit in front of the computer and look at the photos they uploaded to the QQ space. They may take a yellow paper and look at them carefully Marlboro Cigarettes. Then, they may think of the thirteen rickety chains and the vicissitudes of Kangxi Imperial Monument. However, I know that in any case, there will be no trace of my memories. Who am I at the moment? What am I doing on this square? I don't know that the slow and long music with Tibetan characteristics is ringing Cigarettes For Sale, and people in the square have started to dance in the square. It was a beautiful string of music, and with the music, many people began to dance. Here, it is a stage where everyone can be boarded. Men and women, young and old, as long as they like, stretch their arms, twist their waists, and take their own steps. In the middle of their most beautiful dancer square, there is a 70-year-old grandmother, she is also dancing. . Her clothes look very old, she can't even step on the rhythm of music, and she must watch others step by step. I saw her raise her right hand for a while Marlboro Gold, and immediately hurriedly raised her left hand, then hurriedly followed the circle, which seemed so funny, but more serious. I watched quietly, no one dancing to laugh at her, and no one showed her a little disdain. Perhaps everyone, like me, was moved by this mother-in-law's wonderful and natural attitude. At the moment, who am I? What am I going to do? I left the Luding Bridge Square and walked toward the direction of the "Guanyuan". I asked myself in silence. I continued to walk alone along the cement trail near the railing of the Dadu River in Gion. I saw a piece of green vines shrouded in the center of the "Gion Garden". Under the green shade, there are still many people who danced and danced in joy. I saw a pair of white-haired old people, supporting each other, shaking their feet and shaking their eyes. They made me laugh at the true meaning of "holding the hand, and being old with the child." Is it in such a cold dusk, remembering youth in the bottom of my heart? I saw a young couple, Qingqing, I am happy to walk past me, behind them, followed by a small white dog, suddenly, ran to them, looking at them, shaking happily With the tail, I am thinking again, is young love, is such a kind of warm and sweet "--" Wholesale Cigarettes, "--", from a long distance came loud and The rushing sound, I followed the sound and looked forward to seeing a few old men in their 60s who were playing the top in the middle of the concrete dam at the end of the "Guanyuan". The gyro is very large, half as big as a basketball, iron, and is spinning fast on the concrete floor. Each of them has an eraser strap in their hands Marlboro Red. This is the tool they use to pump the top. They all straighten their arms, lift the strap over the top of the head, look at the top, and draw it. When I got to the top of the gyro, I made a loud bang, and after the sound, the gyro turned more joyful. Looking at these self-satisfied old people, and looking at the nearly dry tree in the center of the dam, I suddenly realized that these old people, like those spinning gyros, were screaming on the top of the gyro, not Are the screams of their lives and the driving force behind them? At this moment, I suddenly understood who I am and what I am going to do. I am not a gyro under the belt of the old people, although I have to endure the repeated slaps of life to me, but after enduring the great pain, I will make a crisp sound, then continue to rotate and dance myself. The trajectory and wonderful. When I went back, the streets of Xiaocheng had already started to shine a bright streetlight. The air is still cold, but under the light of the lights, it seems to be warmer. Hua Yuanrong was detained on May 16, 2014.
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