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When I met Wang

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cytujWys豉ny: 2019-07-12 05:09:31 Temat postu: When I met Wang
When I met Wang Jiaxing, he just graduated from college. We are in the same office and teach the language classes in the same grade Newport Cigarettes. He has few words, and he likes to dance with ink. More often, what we discuss the most is how to improve the students' essay level. Later, we transferred to different schools. Although there were not many contacts, I often read his poems. He made his mark in the poetry of Minnan, and I was not surprised at all. Recently, Teacher Wang Jiaxing sent me a copy of "Ya Yun Ru Ge - Minnan Sixth Teacher Poetry Collection". There are more than a dozen poems in the book. After reading the poems of Teacher Wang, the heart was touched, and the idea of ??writing a little feeling was born. Reading the poems of Jiaxing��s teacher gave me such a wonderful feeling Cheap Cigarettes. The simple and refined language of his poetry can give people a long-lasting emotional experience. This rich emotional experience makes us feel a kind of spiritual happiness that is beyond words. Therefore, I am willing to share my happiness with you. Many of his poemral language. The poetry language is full of rhythm, the syllables are very harmonious, and it is catchy. This little poem also has a style of folk songs from the Southern and Northern Dynasties. After reading it, it will always make people indulge in the charm of ��Qingqing River Grass, Yu Yu Yuan Liu Liu��. "Snow is red and full of branches, Ling Han Qiaojiali. The dark fragrance is sunny, turned into a long-term memory" ("Red Plum"). The little poems use the allusions, so they have rich meanings and deep meanings. And created a beautiful image, giving people unlimited imagination: reading a poem, is watching a painting, but also experiencing a kind of love. Give us a broad imagination, and let you think with the brushstroke: there is a vast poem outside the poem. The poetry of the teacher of the homeland often evokes the hidden beauty of our memory. In-depth construction and excavation around the image of beauty. "The cloves are dark and hopeful, and the paper umbrellas are used to provoke the spring. The clouds and red sleeves are yellow and rainy, and the alleys are deeply dreamy" ("Dai Wangshu? Rain Lane"). In the history of modern literature, Dai Wangshu��s "Rain Lane" is a "clove knot" that can't be circumvented. "Lilac girl" has become the intention of the beauty we pursue. Dai Wangshu��s rain lane looks so lonely and clear, and even more touching is the ��I�� hope that the girl who is on the verge of grievances Wholesale Cigarettes, sly, charming and charming, looks noble and arrogant. The clove knot in the rain alley will remind us of the famous sentence of the cloves in the ancient poem: "The lilac is in the rain and the rain is smashing" Cigarettes Online, "the lilac is weak, the clumping is still falling", "the banana does not show the clove knot, the same spring breeze Each of them ......" Jiaxing teacher from the lilac pen, paper umbrella, cloud, red sleeves, Huang Meiyu and other images, and based on their own life experience and added their own imagination. The beauty and purity of cloves are prominent, it is a dream, but more hope. "The music is famous in the edelweiss, the white and the beautiful, the beautiful, the flawless. The breeze is like a dream, the spring is as bright as a picture" ("Edelweiss"). This poetic language is refined, rich in meaning, and profound in meaning. And can make the scenes live together, with the scenery to lining, "all the words are love." The eternal, persistent, beautiful and happy of Edelweiss, these seem to be integrated into our body, becoming an inseparable part of life. The poetry of the family star teacher often flows through the heart of classical literature Newport Cigarettes Coupons. This is the case with his three books. The poem is not long, I recorded it as follows:
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