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On that day, when

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cytujWys豉ny: 2019-05-16 10:56:31 Temat postu: On that day, when
On that day, when I first entered the campus, I was so confused, helpless, and lonely. Until you appeared, I felt the most true friendship. On that day, after the end of military training, the storm You sent me an umbrella, you touched me; that day, I was in the library, suddenly there was heavy rain, and you brought an umbrella, you touched me again; that day, I In the evening of self-study, it is still a rain that sent you to my side. You are waiting for the stupid umbrella outside the classroom. How do you always touch me? From then on, we are connected with the rain, there is rain. There is us in the place, there is me in your place, every corner of the school, every inch of land Newport Cigarettes Coupons, we have passed; from then on Marlboro Red, I gradually fell in love with the rain, because there is rain in the place you have From there, there is me in my place; from then on, it is no longer that you send an umbrella for me, but that I am sending you an umbrella. It��s not every day, but I really want to have a light rain every day. Not every rain is constant, but the same is yours. And that you gave me an umbrella. I bring an umbrella every day, whether it is to the cafeteria or the classroom, the library or the playground. I bring it with you. I want to reach you by the fastest speed when it rains. Open the umbrella to protect your spring breeze. Blowing into the campus, the flowers bloomed, the grass was green, the leaves sprouted, and you said that the flowers on the campus were beautiful, I looked at you nod, yes, very beautiful. But don't forget, you are also a flower on campus. In my heart, you are the most beautiful rose Wholesale Cigarettes, though beautiful, but it has thorns. If you accidentally, you will break your fingers. Although the water lily is beautiful, it is only in the daytime. Flowering and closing at night, can't always appreciate its beauty; plum blossom is beautiful, but it is open in the cold winter season, how many people can see its beauty? And you Marlboro Gold, not the same, you open in the spring, autumn, winter, summer and night, you are gentle, not as close to the thorns of roses, so you are incomparable, I like to walk with you on campus, like to eat with you in the cafeteria I like to read books with you in the library Cigarettes For Sale. I like to open umbrellas for you on rainy days and walk side by side.
That day, at 8 o'clock in the evening, I finally waited for the 28th rain that belongs to us. I opened the umbrella for you. We walked side by side.
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